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SentriLock Card Process
To apply for a SentriLock card, you must be an active primary member of AACAR. The card service is leased from AACAR. You need to schedule an appointment to pick up the card by calling 410-544-4554. It takes approximately 15 minutes to issue a new card, and you must complete the necessary paperwork when you arrive. There is no insurance on the card. If it is lost or stolen, the replacement cost is $25.

Should you need to purchase any SentriLock boxes, you will need to bring your SentriLock card with you. You can not buy one without the card. The cost of a box is approximately $100.

If you are having problems with your SentriLock card, you can call their call center at 1-877-736-8745. This number can be found on the back of your card. 

SentriLock Reciprocity
ou may show property in other areas then Anne Arundel County.  Your SentriLock card has automatic reciprocity in: Bay Area, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Carroll County, Frederick County, Greater Capital Association, Hartford County, Historic Highlands, Howard County, Mid Shore, Pen Mar, Prince George’s and Southern Maryland.

Additional areas can be added to your card for FREE, but require a reciprocity form to be processed in advance.  These areas include Coastal (Ocean City), Garrett County, Dulles Association, Fredericksburg Association, Greater Piedmont Association, Massanutten Association, Northern Virginia Association, and Prince William Association.  Here is how you can add these areas to your card.  For Coastal and Garrett County go to their website for the paperwork.  The Coastal Association site is  Then find and select “Realtor® Tools”. It can be found at top on the far right. Next select “SentriLock” and find the “CAR Reciprocity” form. Complete the form which includes obtaining a broker signature, and faxing it to Coastal at 410-641-2995.  Their phone number, if you need to contact them is 410-641-4409. Garrett Association is also part of the SentriLock family.  Go to their website to find the reciprocity form. Select the “Public” link, under the logo at the top.  Click on the word “Link” in blue under that section.  Garrett is a resort community and in addition to the Reciprocity Key Access agreement form you need to sign their “Rules and Regulations for the SentriLock System.”  These are the first two forms under the link.  After completing these you can fax them to the Garrett Board at (301) 334-1876.  Please allow 2-3 days for processing. If you need to contact the Garrett Board they can be reached at (301)344-8405.

To add the Virginia areas go to our website,, select Realtor® Tools and then go to the SentriLock tab. From the drop down menu you can bring up the reciprocity form. You will need to have a Virginia license to add reciprocity to your card. Complete the form, selecting the VA areas you would like to add to your SentriLock card and fax back to our office along with a copy of your VA license.  Our fax number is 410-647-5102.

After you have faxed the appropriate paperwork, it is a good idea to make sure the areas are on your card before heading out to show property.  Place your card in the card reader and view your agent tab to see if the area has been added or call SentriLock at 1-877-736-8745.

SentriLock Agreement for AACAR members

When you first received your SentriLock card you received a copy of the SentriLock Smart Card Authorized User Agreement.

If you have not read your copy in a while you should to take a moment to review the attached rules.